Emerging from Cocoon


This blog is still local, but there is a positive tendency. From time to time I write new posts and notes, of course not many but now it’s better in comparison with the last attempt to create a blog. I have to do a good job with content and I think I can publish it. There are a few points in my todo:

  • I have already decided about hosing. Most likely it will be BurstNET. They offered a cheap vps one’s time.
  • I have an experience in development of modules for Orchard CMS, so it seems to be suitable to use it as personal blog.
  • There are methods to easy migrate from SQL CE to SQL Server, but I didn’t decide yet, it’s actual for personal blog. May be I will fullfil some tests in the future. But there is The Performance Golden Rule
  • I chose theme from Orchard Galary, it called The Other Side. I like it for the clear design and minimalism. May be I will create my own theme in the future, but it will be minimalistic as well.
  • For comments I will use popular service Disqus. Orchard has a module for it.
  • Google Analytics

There is a work for the future weekend!

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